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"Now served in hundreds of places (also known as coneys) in southeast Michigan, Detroit's definition of dog heaven was born at the American Coney Island in 1917... If Detroit had an official food, it would be the coney."

-Sylvia and Kim with Free Press Food

"We recently had our wedding on June 9, 2007 at the Atheneum, and we would just like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job! We are so happy that we had American Coney Island help to cater our late night wedding snacks – you really helped to make our reception such a success."

-Faye and Brian

"Visiting with you last month at the Coney Island was the highlight of my trip to Detroit! Thanks for taking a moment of your time to spend with us. Nancy, her mom and I always enjoy eating at "the real" Coney Island on Lafayette. Also, congratulations on your selection as one of the oldest retaurants in Detroit."

-Joe and Nancy

"I have ordered 20 Coney Islands from American Coney Island in downtown Detroit. This is enough to both harden my arteries and see me through to the spring. What joy! What happiness is now mine as I prepare to eat these delectable treates while drinking beer and watching the big game on Sunday!"


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